Jack Pilley

Hi, this is my personal website. I use it to host some experiments and link to some portfolio pieces. I'm not much of a web developer, I prefer computer graphics.

I have a BSc in computer science (with distinction) from the University of Victoria and I'm currently working as a developer for Encore Canada.



A simple screenshot tool written in C++ using the Win32 API.

Business Card Raytracer

A very minimal raytracer written in C++ that fits on the back of a business card

The Door Museum

A Stanley Parable style game made in Unity for a game jam. I recommend downloading the game if you want to play it, the web build is a bit buggy.

This Website

My simple website made with Jekyll. The experiments use a variety of technologies including WebGL.

Why Snowing.dev?

I bought it ages ago to use in a hackathon. It's easy to remember and I like how it sounds.